UNL Parents Weekend

Scavenger Hunt starts Saturday, 1:30pm

Walk Your Story

in any order you want (almost)

(1) First Year Experiences Required

(2) UNL Columns Required

(3) The Silver Tree Required

(4) Nisei Japanese Gardens Required

(5) Alumni Bell Required & Visit Last

(6) Your Favorite Place Optional

(7) Where you eat, study, & sleep Optional

(8) Your Favorite Class Optional

Please identify the UNL student:

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Husker Trivia

(1) The only place on campus, maybe even the world, you can grab a Runza and play arcade games under one roof.

Answer: UNL City Student Union

(2) The most powerful laser in the U.S. is in this astronomical lab. Use the stars to guide your way!

Answer: Behlen Lab (The Diocles Laser)

(3) The College radio station is stationed here. Jot your way over to this publishing place!

Answer: Andersen Hall (College of Journalism & Mass Communication)

(4) Turf covers this field where intramural sports can be played. May-bee you will find it.

Answer: Mabel Lee Hall (opposite Rec Center, City)